Sidney Manufacturing is a well established, quality manufacturer of equipment used in handling of wet and dry bulk materials with a customer base in industries such as grain, wood by-products, cellulose fibers, animal feeds, pet foods, flour, pellets, powders, coffee beans, ground coffee, food products and the like. We also manufacture a line of industrial personnel elevators from 300 lbs. capacity to 1000 lbs. capacity.

We serve the entire United States and a growing export market, particularly in the handling of dry pet foods in Australia, the United Kingdom and S.E. Asia.

HISTORY: Our company originated in 1859 under the name Philip Smith Manufacturing and then the Sidney Grain Machinery Company. In 1966, Sidney Grain Machinery Company ceased business but the product line continued under a newly formed Sidney Grain Machine Inc. In 1990, the name was changed to Sidney Manufacturing Company (SMC) to remove the word “grain” from the company name to better identify with the markets being served and to gain further identity in other material handling industries. We are now the oldest and longest continuous manufacturing company in Shelby County, Ohio; a community with a history of century old business.



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